5 methods to earn a living with vans

If you own a van, you’re in luck. You can actually use your vehicle to make money, either as a full-fledged business or as a sideline. If you want to get yours to work, there are five ways you can make money with vans.

1. Movement aid

When most people move, they either need to rent a vehicle large enough to carry their belongings or hire a moving company. This can actually be a money-making opportunity for anyone who owns a van, as the vehicle can hold most large pieces of furniture, loads of boxes, kitchen utensils, and more.

When offering relocation assistance, you need to decide whether you are just a driver or whether you will also help with loading and unloading. That way you can rate your service appropriately.

2. Delivery of furniture or equipment

Similar to moving assistance, many people do not have a vehicle that can carry furniture or large appliances. You can offer your van to those who do the shopping and charge them a fee to get their new items to their destination.

Sometimes you can even work with smaller furniture or equipment stores that don’t have their own delivery team. This way, you can potentially work as a contractor or an employee depending on the agreement.

3. Rent it out

If the idea of ​​driving around someone’s property in person doesn’t seem ideal, there is another route to be taken. By renting your van, you create a semi-passive source of income. Aside from servicing your vehicle, handing over and collecting the keys, and completing some paperwork between rentals, there is nothing else you need to do to make money with your freight truck.

Websites like Getaround can be a way to find renters. In addition, the company can offer you some protective measures such as appropriate insurance.

4. Dump Hauls

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you can hire people to do big dump runs for them. They would collect whatever the person wants to dispose of and take it to the nearest processing center.

With this route, make sure you take dump charges into account when setting your prices. Sometimes this can be a little tricky as the fees can be based on the weight of the ejection. However, you can use competitor land disposal rates as a guide, or you can use the nearest center pricing tables to make your own estimates.

5. Mobile service provider

With a few changes, you may be able to turn your van into a mobile service location. For example, some people do mobile massages, pet care, catering, florists, and other types of services from a van.

Whether this approach works for you depends on your existing skills. However, it might be worthwhile to see if what you have to offer can be done from a van.

Can you think of other ways someone could make money from vans? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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