Ayboll Evaluation: Monetize Your Weblog With Native Promoting

Unless you have lived under a rock for the last year or two, you have likely seen display advertisements like the following example on numerous websites across the internet. They’re eye-catching, have mind-blowing headlines, and gross millions of dollars for website owners.

Ayboll is one of the advertising networks behind this type of native advertising that gives website owners the opportunity to make money from their traffic and also not have to rely on traditional methods like banner advertising and Google Adsense.

While this type of advertising is more visually appealing and has a much higher click-through rate, the monetization factor is still the same – the one paid for when your website visitors take action.

An overview of display advertising

The concept behind this type of advertising is simple. Add a short code to your website and Ayboll will start rotating various ads for users to see. Should one of your website visitors click on one of the ads, they will be redirected to another website or article.

This is where the money comes in. If the website visitor then takes action (lead or purchase) on one of the websites, your website will receive a commission of 50%.

Now I’m sure the thought of getting paid per lead might turn some of you off, but it can actually work in your favor for a variety of reasons.

  • More people will click on these ads because they are engaging and attention grabbing
  • The commissions for some of these offers range from $ 50 to $ 100
  • The ads will alternate between showing you the best conversion offers

Ayboll is constantly adding new advertising campaigns and campaigns to its network. The more you earn, the more you earn.

The concept is very similar to Google Adsense in that all you have to do is place a line of code on your website and let the advertising platform do the rest.

Do blogs make money with Ayboll?

Ayboll makes a decent amount of money for themselves and the websites they advertise on. As mentioned earlier, they want the ads to perform very well as they make more money too.

After speaking to the Ayboll team, they sent in a screenshot of one of their top partners running their ads. The $ 2o0 + per day earnings are good, but the $ 12.12 RPM is more important. The placement for this advertisement was also at the bottom of the page and in addition to other monetizations on the website which are always good.

The network-wide stats for Ayboll also show that over 2,000 premium advertisers are switched through all the advertising. For US traffic, the average eCPM is $ 6. Website owners don’t have to worry about the fill rate either, as this is always 100% as the campaigns are all run on a performance basis.

The easy process of making money with Ayboll

Just like with Google Adsense, running live with Ayboll is very easy.

First, you need to create an account at https://ayboll.com. Click Sign In or Get Widget.

After signing in, you can access your dashboard area where you can add your websites / blog and get your ad code.

When you add your websites and create your ad unit, you can choose between safe, moderate, and 18+ ads to display on your website.

You can also play around with the size (based on columns and rows) to make it fit your site. Most websites use Ayboll at the end of their regular blog content.

As you further customize the look and feel of your ad placements, you’ll see previews like the following.

As with any on-site advertising, the last thing you need to do is get your installation code and place it on your website. Put one code at the top of your website and the other where you want your advertisement to appear.

Once the code is placed on your website, Ayboll will deliver ads instantly. You can then return to the members area at any time to see what your current stats look like.

Increase your blog revenue with Ayboll

As with any blog monetization, it’s about testing and seeing what works best.

If you have a high-traffic entertainment or general audience blog, I could see that Ayboll is doing pretty well across the board because of the nature of the ads and the high click-through rates.

The important thing is that the network is based on a performance model and that your site earns a commission every time someone takes action. This means that you may be serving thousands of impressions on your website and not generating any revenue. However, once a lead is in, your eCPM can go up dramatically.

To get started with Ayboll, you can create an account, set up your widget, and start serving ads right away.

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