Creating A Weblog To Promote – What You Want To Know

The big dream of many bloggers is to one day pay out money and get the famous “Sunset Money”.

Here’s the thing:

You won’t be very lucky selling your blog if the buyer doesn’t see themselves able to run the show. So it’s up to you to make sure they can slide right in.

That means we have to Remember how we build our business from day one.

The key word there is “business”. So we really need to start thinking about our blogs that way.

After selling many websites with our Human Proof Designs company, it is important to understand the following guidelines if you are looking to create a sellable blog.

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1) Pick a topic that can be easily outsourced

Now that first point may seem controversial and even come across as if we don’t care about the target audience.

But it’s just the opposite. This is careful consideration for your audience and for your company as well.

Blogs that are attractive to investors are usually about a topic that is easy to find authors for.

Managing writers is no walk in the park, and sometimes your best writers may be “missing”.

As a publisher and investor, you don’t want to be prepared for the pain because hiring is not particularly fun and expensive for anyone.

If you’ve been a longtime blogger and everything is personal to the topics in your life, you just can’t transfer it to a buyer.

While you can outsource a lot of content to sites like Contentmart, automation and systemization should be considered.

There are content creation tools that can help you create a turnkey operation that the new owner can easily take over.

This also means that you want to Avoid using your name as a brand / domain name.

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2) Publish content that isn’t just for a single person

Often there is nothing more appealing to a buyer than a website with multiple contributors.

This means that there is most likely a schedule in place. When one writer leaves, the rest of the team can fill the gap.

Some other solutions to this problem could be Create a person or a pseudonym and have different authors who contribute as that person.

All in all, we want something that is stable, and a diverse writing team makes this easy.

If you’d like to test this out, we have several writers working on our own properties and those of our clients.

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3) Keep an eye on your finances from the start

When a buyer is interested in your website, you must hand over your finances as well.

To be a good businessman, you also have to be fiscally responsible.

If you currently have no typing costs because you do all of this yourself, you still have to use hosting costs, domain registrations, etc. for the recording.

Most buyers want to see 2 years of financial data, but in all fairness there are plenty of websites with less history that are still being bought.

In most cases, an investor can make a decision based on 1 year history.

The most important thing is that you keep an eye on them. So why not from day one?

4) Make a list!

“The money is on the list!”

Yes, I just repeated one of the most common sayings in the internet marketing world.

However, it’s true … that’s why people say it.

An email list is known as a Your own media.

Having an email list of people interested in a common topic is extremely valuable.

Not only can you email them (even with sponsorship), but you can upload the list to Facebook’s ad platform and create a custom audience or similar audience.

If you keep adding value to your list and your open and click rates are very high, this is a very high margin business in and of itself.

Just take a look at HARO’s business model.

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5) Have Standard Operating Processes (SOPs)

If you’ve ever heard any of the Tropical MBA podcast episodes they always mention SOPs because it was very important across their business, but also when they were selling it.

For a business owner, there isn’t much more useful than plug-and-play processes.

Now they can hire almost anyone and know with reasonable assurance that these processes will get the job done correctly.

Not only is this beneficial for future website buyers, but it also makes life easier for you as an owner starting today.

We created tons of these internal documents for our team. We are currently employed by 152 freelancers who work in our own locations and those of our customers.

6) Create more than 1 significant traffic source

Our method, which we refer to as the “Human Proof Method”, is mainly based on attracting website visitors through organic Google traffic.

We usually use a handful of free and paid SEO tools that are great for getting results in this area.

While this is our usual strategy, we know and understand that secondary real estate can be extremely valuable even when selling a piece of land.

These are things like Youtube channels, Facebook groups, Pinterest accounts, etc.

A high organic traffic is very attractive for buyers, but also diversification.

If you can work on finding a secondary traffic source that will bring in 20% or more of your total traffic, you can be well positioned for an attractive sale.

7) Monetization through multiple streams of income

Just like diversifying traffic, it also helps to have multiple sources of income.

In might even be more important than traffic.

For example, a shopper may find that all of your traffic comes from Pinterest, and only a minimal amount is from bio.

If the price is right, it will be considered “good business” for them.

Because the investor would see a clear way to instantly add value to the property by implementing an organic strategy.

On the other hand:

As a website owner, you currently want to command the highest multiple.

And what usually does a higher multiple are things like income diversification.

Even moving away from Adsense and into other ad networks, you can significantly increase your sales with just a little code (see our RPMs in this picture):

In addition to partner commissions and advertising revenue, it is also very valuable to have your own product.

Even an e-book made up of your best content on a specific problem gets people paid for and is a high-margin digital product.

Let’s go over a real-world scenario:

One of our investors has a location in the health niche. Much of this content consists of information and helps people guide.

But a lot of it is through our reviews of physical products. What we generally link to on Amazon for.

Now the unique situation here is that the product we recommend most happens to also be owned by our investor.

This means that we can receive a commission from Amazon when someone makes a purchase through our link, but also receive a double whammy because the product they have bought is also our product.

Awesome, isn’t it?

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Here’s how to set up your blog this way

I’m guessing you’re on one of two tracks:

You have a personal blog that is difficult to switch. Your blog is similar to the one we talked to before, but it lacks a few important aspects.

If you are on track two and your website is almost too focused in a very narrow niche, here is some advice for you.

For those on the first track, we could help you with our emails on the Early Bird Niche website.

These emails come every two weeks and contain a list of new niches that we have researched beforehand from an SEO perspective and that are worth paying attention to.

You can find more information on our early bird page.

If you have any other questions, let’s start a conversation in the comments!

This article was written by Kelvin Mah, the Head of Growth and Content at Human Proof Designs (HPD), the premier resource for affiliate marketers to learn, grow, and grow their websites even further. When Kelvin isn’t performing the online tactics needed to grow HPD, he’s hanging out with his dog and expanding his own portfolio of websites.

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