Make cash with out leaving your house

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Lockdown hits us all – but there are ways you can make money without leaving your home. Now is the time to try them out! Here are our best ways to make money while sitting on the sofa, browsing the internet, or trying to fill up your vacation time.

Use lottery syndicates

The cost of lottery tickets has risen sharply in recent years – and the chances of winning have decreased! Lottery syndicates like however Lotto Social are a great way to maximize your chances of winning without spending so much money – in fact, every fifth lottery win is won by a syndicate!

Syndicates may be run by friends or colleagues in a workplace – but it can be fun and cause disagreement, especially when there is a big win! Using an official syndicate is much easier and ensures you get your fair share of the profits.

How does it work?

They pool your money with the syndicate – which means you can get more tickets for a far less cost. Syndicate providers like Lotto Social You can get 10 lines for just £ 1 and then join one of their syndicates that can hold up to 49 people. That definitely beats the normal price of 1 line for £ 2.50. If the ticket wins, share the prize proportionally with other members of the syndicate. So this means that if you win small, like a ten, you won’t see big returns, but then you will win those smaller amounts more often. Having part of a ticket – and many more – greatly increases your chances of being in a group with a big win. You could even win the jackpot!

At the same time give to charity

With consortium providers like Lotto Social It also means you can support local charities and nominate charities that are close to your heart. For example if you enter £ 5 you will receive five Euromillions tickets and £ 3 of your money will go to charity. When you play the National Lottery through syndicates, your money goes to the National Lottery charity funds too!

Make money on social media

This takes longer, but if done correctly, you will get ongoing passive income that will make a lot of money over time! It’s a great way to make money without leaving your home – especially as passive income (once you’re set up)

There are many ways to make money from social media. For example, you could become a vlogger on a very niche topic (it’s easier to build a following in a niche than a general lifestyle vlogger because there are so many of them already!). Or, become an affiliate marketer to make money from affiliate links when someone uses your link to buy something.

Sell ​​your own crafts and products

If you’re a manufacturer, social media is the perfect place to start a business. Sell ​​your homemade items online for extra cash – places like Etsy and Shopify make it easy to create an online store. Use social media to promote your articles and make money.

Test websites and apps

Make Money Testing Websites at Home

Did you know that people pay you to surf the internet? There are a few ways to do this.

First of all, you can opt for Nielson and or they die – They pay you to act the way you normally would! Surf the Internet on any device and earn money for it. It really is that simple! The money isn’t very plentiful – but you can make an average of £ 10 a month. Put that in Lotto Social Syndicate and you play the lottery for free – with potentially huge returns!

Test websites for cash

Elsewhere, you get paid to test websites and apps. These can be existing websites that need usability tests to be performed to improve the user experience. Or they are brand new websites that haven’t started yet. Brands go out of their way to ensure their website is set up to maximize sales for them, so brands are willing to pay testers for feedback.

The best part about testing websites and apps is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time. Some tests are longer – and therefore pay more – but you can choose the ones you want to take in the time available. Read our guide to testing websites for cash to learn more!

Sell ​​your stuff

You’d be surprised what people will pay for! Since we all have a little more time right now, this is a great opportunity to clean up your clutter. Whether you have empty designer boxes or perfume bottles, broken tech or vintage clothing – you have the opportunity to make money.

We have an entire section devoted to selling your stuff online so you can find out what you already own and what might be of value. Browsing through your belongings is great catharsis – something we all need these days – and it will help you clean up clutter, make your home easier to manage and stress reliever. Plus, the extra money is always at hand!

Where to sell your things

There are so many marketplaces online that it is important to make sure you are using the best one for your item type. The classics – eBay, Gumtree – have a good reputation for general items. However, if you have specific things like vintage toys, it may be worthwhile to find a collector or dealer to make sure you get a fair price for them. Other apps like Facebook, Spock, and NextDoor will help you find a local audience for your articles.

We also launched the MoneyMagpie marketplace – it’s still in beta mode. So if you have any feedback that we can use for development, please let us know!

More ways to make money

We’re big fans of finding unique ways to make money without leaving your home in various ways. Check out these articles next for inspiration!

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