ProWritingAid Overview

Are you looking for a way to improve your English skills? Do you want to become a writer or author? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need a writing tool, and one of the best grammar checkers out there is ProWritingAid.

In this article, we are going to cover everything you need to know about this online tool.

Part One: What Is ProWritingAid And How Is It Used?

ProWritingAid is an AI-assisted grammar checker and style assistant. If you’ve written something in MS Word or Google Docs, you may have noticed that these programs point out spelling and grammatical errors. ProWritingAid offers a lot more.

If you’re a blogger or a writer, ProWritingAid will help you focus on what you need to do: writing your best content. If you make a mistake, the ProWritingAid system will detect it and notify you. When you are done writing, you can quickly correct any of your mistakes.

ProWritingAid can identify many mistakes that authors often make, such as:

  • spelling mistake
  • Grammar mistake
  • Readability problems
  • Style problems
  • Possible plagiarism

Misspellings and grammatical errors

One of the main functions of ProWritingAid is the comprehensive and fast grammar check. When you upload a font to ProWritingAid, any grammatical or spelling mistakes you make will be underlined and useful advice given on how to correct them. Rather than just fixing the errors, specific linguistic reasons are given as to why these corrections are necessary.

Over time, you will gradually improve your English skills as ProWritingAid helps you write.

Readability problems

ProWritingAid also reports on articles you submit with some insights to improve your writing flow. For example, the use of passive speech and overused or unnecessary words are recognized. Unlike spelling mistakes, it doesn’t offer an easy solution in these cases. It just lets you know of places where your writing can improve and it’s up to you to do the rest.

These reports are also used to review your incremental improvement. ProWritingAid will put them together to assist you in the future.

Style problems

Another useful feature of ProWritingAid is that it recognizes overly lengthy sentences. While such corrections can help explain a lot of information in one place, they will significantly slow down your reading of the article. By making sure your sentences are easy to read and follow, you will gradually improve your writing.


All authors want to be known for their originality. For this reason, ProWritingAid offers a plagiarism check service in its Premium Plus package (more on this later). When you start the plagiarism checker, you will receive a report of all the sentences in your article that are already present elsewhere.

Where can I use ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid is available free of charge as an online tool. You can upload short articles for quick reports on your grammar and style. This will give you a sense of what needs to be improved.

However, ProWritingAid is characterized by its extensive compatibility with other platforms. When you buy ProWritingAid, here’s how you can use it:

  • The most popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari
  • Microsoft Office Word and Outlook
  • OpenOffice
  • Google documents
  • Clerk

When you use ProWritingAid with your favorite publishing device, you have everything you need in one place to produce the best of content.

Don’t worry if you are wondering if ProWritingAid is easy to use. The desktop app has been optimized to upload the most commonly used files from Word or Scrivener and get results quickly.

Part 2: how much does ProWritingAid cost?

As mentioned earlier, there are two ways you can get ProWritingAid. The free service is available online and you can enter up to 500 words at a time. While not as efficient as the premium service, you can still get accurate reports and grammar checks without paying a dime. If you’re a college student or want to get a quick rundown of your mistakes, this is a great way to not spend a dime.

If you are looking to purchase ProWritingAid, there are a few options available. You can use a monthly subscription that will cost you $ 20.00 each month. If you’re not sure if ProWritingAid Premium is what you need, you can use it for a month to test it out. Getting accurate information on whether or not to buy it is not a terrible expense.

If you plan to use ProWritingAid for an extended period of time, an annual subscription of $ 79.00 is available. This is a significant cost reduction over the monthly version and should be considered if you are planning a longer writing commitment.

ProWritingAid is also offering a lifetime offer of $ 399. It might sound like a lot of money, but it pays off if you use it for a very long time. If you think ProWritingAid is the writing assistant you can’t live without, consider a lifetime offer.

Note, however, that with the premium service you will not get a plagiarism check. To include this option, you’ll need to purchase the Premium Plus package, which is $ 24 for the monthly subscription, $ 89 for the annual option, or $ 499 for the lifetime version.

Third part: is ProWritingAid worth it?

This is one of the more difficult questions to answer. ProWritingAid generally tops the list of the best grammar checkers and writing assistants. His status as the main candidate for the best in his league is undoubtedly justified. The features that it offers are of great help in any profession in any professions.

Even when you consider the free service, ProWritingAid keeps its promise to quickly improve and optimize your writing. It’s efficient and relatively easy to use, which makes it a great assistant for all of your writing needs.

The reports that you receive on a regular basis about style problems and sticky sentences can make your understanding of good writing practices a lot easier. You can go a long way by using ProWritingAid for short periods of time, and you shouldn’t underestimate any information you may get. Over time, the cohesion of your writing will stack and improve, and one day you will realize how far you have come.

Fourth part: can ProWritingAid replace a human editor?

Certainly not. While AI-based typing assistants are impressive and can spot a lot more mistakes than a normal human, their skills are nothing compared to the trained eye of a professional editor.

However, if you don’t need a professional editor, ProWritingAid is a great way to fill that void. For example, if you are working on a thesis, this is an excellent way to quickly improve your work yourself.

Part Five: Who Should Use ProWritingAid?

If you still decide to use ProWritingAid, we recommend trying the free version first.

If you are a blogger or a student, ProWritingAid can help you without the need for a human editor. While the free version might not make the cut here, the premium option ensures your articles are better with just a few clicks of the mouse.

If you want an efficient plagiarism checker, there are better alternatives. However, if you’ve already committed to a lifetime subscription to ProWritingAid, then consider the additional option.

If you’re trying to get into the professional writing scene, then ProWritingAid should be a try. Even the free version will make your portfolio look a lot cleaner and more engaging, and the premium offering will no doubt impress you.

The judgment

You should definitely try ProWritingAid. A free version might cast a spell over you. If you choose the premium offering, know that you are getting one of the best options for a human proofreader.

Use ProWritingAid for those who have editors on their quick contact list to give them that extra confidence before submitting your work.

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