Soiled Methods to Make Cash in 2021

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Getting a job can be difficult in the current climate, but getting your hands dirty can help. Here is a list of filthy ways to make money if you don’t mind getting a little messy.

Thoughts from the gutter please – although gutters could be a good place to start!

  1. Dirty Ways To Make Money With Animals
  2. Dirty Ways To Make Money From Cleaning
  3. Disposal jobs
  4. Make money doing maintenance
  5. Other ways to make money

Dirty Ways To Make Money With Animals

Animals are great – but also chaotic! Here’s how to make money off of the bad jobs related to animals.

Dairy farmer

The main tasks of a dairy farmer are milking cows, clearing excrement and looking after stables. Working in unsanitary environments and under extreme conditions often makes this work uncomfortable. You must also like the early hours of the morning to get by as a dairy farmer – the days can start as early as 4am!

Horse hairdresser

This is one for horse lovers as you have to work early mornings, evenings, and on weekends to look after horses.

The snow groomers have to muck out stables, look after the horses and clean the thumbtacks.

You will only get between £ 10,000 and £ 16,000 per year but can also get accommodation, food and riding lessons as part of the package.


If you love baby animals this might be the job for you. In essence, you will help give birth to lambs once they are born. The hours can be long and it can get very cold, but you will be rewarded with cuddles from the lambs. They need to be on call throughout the lamb season – you never know when they will arrive!

Note, however, that the pay is not always high as many jobs are taken on by students looking to gain experience for their veterinary degrees.


While most of us think veterinarians spend their days cuddling cute puppies, the reality is very different. They are regularly covered in all kinds of animal waste, and mud pops up whenever they have to venture out on farms.

A veterinary degree takes 5 years to complete, so this may not be the fastest way to make money. But it’s a great career option for animal lovers.

Dirty Ways To Make Money From Cleaning

A crime scene cleaner is one of the filthy ways to make money

Pool cleaner

This is a career many of us have come to know about through TikTok this year. We were mesmerized by videos of pool transformations – we turn green, rotting pits into sparkling pools and want to jump right in. One account even has 3 million followers.

But cleaning pools is dirty work, and cleaners often have to wade deep into the trash to remove the most stubborn stains. Job advertisements suggest that as a pool cleaner, you can make around $ 10 an hour.

Rodent killer

Pest control specialists enjoy a messy job that involves dealing with pesky insects, reptiles, and smelly pests.

These specialists must proceed with extreme caution as their roles include setting traps, spraying chemicals, and using toxic substances in uncomfortable spaces such as attics, barns, and farms.


Whether it’s homes, schools, venues, or people’s offices, there is always work for cleaning staff. But it can be very dirty work and you may need to clean up some nasty clutter.

You can expect to earn between 10 and 15 euros per hour as a cleaner.

Crime scene cleaner

Crime scene cleaners are routinely brought in to deal with the kind of clutter the rest of us don’t even want to think about.

While it seems so easy to arrive with a mop and a bucket to remove a few unsightly stains, the work is actually incredibly technical and requires skills as varied as safely removing biohazardous material and assisting with trauma counseling of survivors / family members / witnesses and know exactly the rules of the police investigation.

If blood, guts, awful smells, and willingness to deal with unexpected times don’t terrify you, then this may be just for you. Salaries range from £ 26,000 to £ 60,000 a year.

Street killer

Roadkill is a serious problem and is far more common than we’d like to admit. The reason it isn’t more visible is because it’s someone’s job to clear out the carcasses.

Roadkill collectors find, remove and dispose of the unfortunate victims of the autobahn and do a service for the more squeamish of us. They must have fun driving as they spend most of their days searching streets for collisions.

While some cleaners are paid per hour worked, others are paid per animal removed.

Dog Pooper Scooper

These workers will clean up your yard. They will also sanitize and deodorize the area where pets have made a mess. If you love dogs and like messing with nature then this might be the job for you.

Dog poop is a breeding ground for nasty diseases like salmonellosis and also a nightmare to clean the carpet. It is one of those services that will never go out of business.

As the Express reported in 2014, it can pay off to set your own prices. Tim Stone, 54, made a staggering £ 56,000 a year by charging £ 28 a month for four visits!

Disposal jobs

As humans, we generate a lot of waste in a variety of ways. How to make money with it!

Garbage man

The main responsibility of the garbage collectors is the collection and recycling of household and business waste. However, you may also need to work at a waste recycling center and operate trash compactors.

The National Careers Service warns, “Your work environment can be dirty, physically demanding, and outdoors in any weather.”

While starting salaries are low – around £ 15,000 a year – skilled garbage collectors can make over £ 30,000 a year.

Sewage inspector

Although most sewers are cleaned with pumps, the process can still be an uncomfortable experience for sewage inspectors. Discarded products and even tree roots can lead to clogging, and the result can be raw sewage.

Dirty ways to make money from maintenance

Become a Sewer Inspector for Money

From large corporate contracts to self-employed dealers, maintenance work can be a great way to make money.


Everyone needs a plumber from time to time, so you are unlikely to become unemployed after exercising.

However, it could get messy. They deal with bathrooms, drainage systems and pipes.

In 2018, it was widely reported that a self-employed plumber was making £ 210,000 a year.

Oil rig technician

A dangerous and difficult job done in a location outside the racetrack of the world with oil rain on a successful day is not for everyone.
The job often requires 12-hour shifts and the ability to do heavy physical labor in confined spaces.

Septic tank technician

You are primarily responsible for repairing and cleaning septic tanks and sewers. This could include repairing leaks that have developed or touching up a wall in the tank. In certain circumstances, septic tank technicians may also need to install a new tank.

Salaries vary, but on average they make around £ 26,000.

Other dirty ways to make money

The list doesn’t stop there!


Gastroenterologists grapple with digestive systems and related issues, and they often come across unpleasant odors and human waste when examining their patients. You also have to work with awkward parts of the human body.

You do need a medical degree, however, so this is not for everyone!

Occupational safety inspector

Health and safety inspectors ensure that employers comply with all aspects of health and safety laws and that workplaces are not the cause of illness, injury or death.

They do this by inspecting business premises, advising employers and investigating accidents, and enforcing the law. You also need to review machinery, management systems, working methods, and the use and storage of hazardous substances.

Entry-level salaries for prospective inspectors start at £ 26,500.


Coal digs are messy and black and very dangerous to the lungs. Coal mining is considered to be one of the most dangerous jobs in the world and requires working in claustrophobic dark rooms, deep tunnels, and in hot and humid conditions.


Often times, the job involves dealing with harmful cleaning chemicals and possible infections that are transmitted from the corpse. Embalmers regularly come into contact with body fluids, blood and possibly infectious diseases. Embalmers properly prepare the body so that it looks presentable for burial purposes and meets legal requirements.

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