The Final OMAD Weight loss program Information: Can One Meal A Day Assist You Lose Weight?

What is OMAD?

We get this question a lot from our coaching clients and today we teach you everything about it!

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OMAD stands for “One Meal A Day”, so the OMAD diet is a form of intermittent fasting in which the participant eats once during the day, usually for a period of 60 minutes.

So on an OMAD diet you would eat between 6pm and 7pm every day.

That’s it.

While calorie-free drinks are allowed outside of this eating window, nothing else is.

I already know your next question …

What should I eat on OMAD?

Outside the eating window, there are no restrictions on the OMAD diet.

So you can eat whatever you want on OMAD, as long as it’s in your dining window.

As with any intermittent fasting protocol (which OMAD would fall into), it is recommended that you eat as healthily as possible during your eating window.

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Why Can You Eat What You Want On The OMAD Diet?

Because you have such a limited meal window (one hour), there are only so many calories to burn in that time.

If weight loss is the goal, you will have more caloric intake by eating a single meal.

Which I believe will lead me to your next question …

Can You Lose Weight If You Eat One Meal A Day?

People have reported that they lost significant weight after adopting the OMAD diet.

To prove it, just search the subreddit r / omad for testimonials.

Why does OMAD help you lose weight?

The OMAD diet works just like all diets: it brings in fewer calories than you are normally used to.

If you typically eat three square meals a day and then cut that down to one, you are likely eating fewer calories overall.

Even if that one meal a day is a HUGE meal, it probably still isn’t as many calories as you would get if you were to eat unrestricted throughout the day.

This is why the OMAD diet can help you lose weight.

Is the OMAD Diet Safe?


Studies done on prolonged water fasts have shown that fasting is safe.[1]

However, there are some studies on OMAD with mixed results.

  • A study comparing three meals a day with OMAD showed that the one-meal group had worse cholesterol levels and blood pressure.[2]
  • Another study found that patients with type 2 diabetes had better blood sugar levels after trying OMAD.[3]


You will likely be fine eating one meal a day, but talk to your doctor before starting the OMAD diet.

What will bring us to …

Should I try the OMAD Diet?

Let me answer your question with a question: Can you imagine eating just one meal a day for a long time?

  • Yes: Then try OMAD and see how your body reacts. I’ve practiced a less strict form of intermittent fasting for years and it helps me meet my calorie goals.
  • No: then i would try another strategy to lose weight.

As we point out in our “Lose Weight (No Diet)” guide, temporary changes produce temporary results.

That said, any weight you lose on the OMAD diet will come back once you eat multiple meals a day.

For this reason, we encourage our coaching clients to focus on small changes and habits that they can keep permanently.

If you are just starting to build healthier habits for sustainable weight loss instead of trying OMAD, here’s what I would do:

Make 1 change a week.

Change ONE meal a week or cut down on ONE soda. Make a change that is small enough that you aren’t sad or scared.

As you accomplish this week after week, you will see some real progress. We’ve seen it over and over again here at Nerd Fitness.

For the rebellion


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