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If 2020 taught business owners anything, you have to be agile. The ability to adapt to changing circumstances is paramount if you are to future proof your business. Easier said than done, right? Well, one of the easiest ways to enable this and get set up For economic success as an entrepreneur, it is important to build an agile team around you. Enter: a virtual assistant.

There comes a time in every business owner’s journey when being chief everything officer is no longer sustainable. If you work on everything yourself, you will only get so far and there are only so many hours in a day. Don’t you think you can afford help? Think again – a virtual assistant works on a completely flexible part-time basis.

What is a virtual assistant?

A VA offers support to companies and entrepreneurs by working remotely or “virtually” on a selection of tasks and projects. They are solely designed to help business owners and busy executives perform at their best, streamline processes, and do important, everyday work that needs to be done but not by you.

Some VAs have worked as executive or personal assistants, others as marketing managers. Most will have had a varied career in which they have built a wide range of skills – from customer service to sales. These talented professionals chose to become virtual assistants to break the shackles of rigid office life and gain the flexibility they needed.

Why Every Ambitious Business Owner Needs a VA

1. Make more money with a virtual assistant

Business owners and employees spend around 69 days a year on administrative tasks. That is a third of the working year that is spent on work that has no direct influence on making a profit.

If you hire a virtual assistant, you will have more time and can adopt the 80/20 rule. Adopting this rule will quickly change the game for your business.

In any company, 80% of daily tasks have to be done to keep the business going. But these don’t have to be done by you. When you delegate these repetitive, low-value tasks, you have time to focus on the 20% of the tasks that really need your attention, and most importantly, will have a dramatic impact on your company’s growth.

This is even more important if you run a service-oriented company and charge an hourly or daily rate for your services. Outsourcing can help you maximize your time on billable work, customer relationship building, and business development.

2. A virtual assistant makes you more productive

According to Inc.On a normal 8-hour working day, “the average office worker does almost 3 hours of“ productive ”work”. That’s a pretty bad ROI when you add up the rising costs for entrepreneurs hiring an employee.

Unlike an employee whom you pay regardless of the actual performance achieved, VAs only ever charge you for the time that you have spent working on tasks. That means you don’t have to spend any money on someone chatting in the office kitchen.

A VA can be part-time or full-time depending on your needs. They don’t have to deal with the traditional distractions that come with an office full of people and they are very used to meeting deadlines. It is more than likely that your business dilemmas are something they have previously looked at, so they are well positioned to identify your needs.

Best of all, you don’t have to think about pensions, social security payments, sick leave, professional development training, annual reviews, office space, cell phones, computers, payroll, and the long list of other costs associated with in-house hiring.

3. Having a VA gives you access to skills you don’t already have

Finally, a virtual assistant can bring a wide range of expertise to your business. And the efficiency of delivery to make your life easier is their primary goal.

VAs have spent their entire careers supporting business owners and executives. Hence, they have developed a number of skills to compete with.

It makes a lot more sense to focus on what you can and have fun doing it – from conducting sales meetings to consulting – and allowing a dedicated VA to take care of day-to-day chores that you might double up on take so much time to tackle.

Invest before you are ready

Investing in a virtual assistant can be off-putting, especially in the early days when money is tight. You may feel like it is cheaper to do everything yourself for now.

However, every hour you spend on non-billable work translates into one less hour you might spend on profitable, billable work. If you sit down and add that time up and multiply by your hourly rate, you will soon find that it makes financial sense to delegate these tasks. When you hire a VA, you can no longer spend every waking hour in your company, but work on how to grow it.

Still unsure? Sam Wilson, co-founder at Virtalent, a leading UK Virtual Assistant service, has seen this time and time again for its customers. “It’s not uncommon for the small business owners we support to double or even triple their monthly sales due to the dramatic impact of a virtual assistant on their productivity and the value they add.”

How can a VA have a direct and measurable impact on your company?

The possibilities in hiring a VA are truly endless. Here’s just a taste of what they can help with.

Keep your finances on track

Research by tide found that the average small business spends an hour and a half every day tracking unpaid invoices. Think about the time you could save assigning this task to someone else.

While virtual assistants certainly cannot replace the role of an accountant, they can spend a lot of time helping you keep track of your finances. You can keep a log of your business expenses, issue invoices, track payments, and contact your finance professionals to make sure everything is on track. Each of these tasks has a direct and measurable impact on your bottom line.

Marketing your company

A virtual assistant can help shape and implement this important marketing strategy. They can be available to write blog and newsletter content, research your competitors, run your social media channels, and update your website. A laser focus on your marketing tasks will ultimately help attract more customers.

Manage your HR department

If you already have a team, keeping your recruiting and onboarding process running smoothly is incredibly important in attracting and retaining talent. If the estimated Average cost Replacing an employee costs more than £ 3,000. Onboarding is certainly not an area you want to overlook. A virtual assistant can be available to take on new employees, show them the ropes and keep track of databases and recruiting software.

Monitoring your customer service

According to a study by Microsoft 96% of consumers Customer service is important to a brand loyalty choice so you cannot afford to ignore this area. A VA can help give customers a quick, friendly response Give this workstream the full attention it deserves. The result? Satisfied customers and a smooth experience for everyone involved.

The list really goes on. In fact, one of the most complete Virtual Assistant services is to check out Virtalent. Your team can do all kinds of tasks – their website is jam-packed with information about them that you could delegate to their virtual team.

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